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"My inspirations involve qualities of chance, emergent complexity, interdependent and self organizing relationships found in nature and society, coupled with our innate love of chance, underscored with the acquired urge to control, manipulate and predict outcomes."



Born in New York City. (Scroll Down for Bio)

1989 Moved studio to Germany, currently living and working in Düsseldorf and NYC

Solo Exhibitions

2023 September: David Behning Galerie, Duesseldorf, Germany
2019 Permanent Public Sculpture NYC, corner plaza 34 St. & 1 Ave.
2016 Photoweek Duesseldorf, Troner Art Duesseldorf, Germany
2015 Pivotal Approach, Deutsche Bank, Königsallee, Duesseldorf, Germany


Spheres of Influence II, SPAM Contemporary, Duesseldorf; Germany

2012 Troner Art, Stilwerk Duesseldorf, Germany
2009 Position Probable, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Spheres of Influence, Gallery Samuelis Baumgarte, Bielefeld, Germany
2008 Ultimate Photography, Gallery Monos, Liège, Belgium
2007 Far from Equilibrium, Sara Tecchia Roma New York, New York, USA
Living Variables, Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, Germany
Neorder, Galerie Noack, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Fundación Municipal de Cultura 'José Luis Cano', Algeciras, Spain
Distibution of Fate. Regional Museum Xanten, Germany

2004 Gallery Brenner, Düsseldorf, Germany
2003 Missing Link, Gallery Adler, Frankfurt, Germany

Self Organizing Still-Life, Gallery Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Baker & McKenzie, Frank O. Gehry building, Düsseldorf.


Recent Works, Gallery Hohmann/Levy, Hamburg
Night of the Museums, Jörg Immendorff’s penthouse, Düsseldorf, Germany

1999 Gallery Kudlek, Cologne, Germany
1998 Martin Kudlek Fine Art, Cologne, Germany

Group Gallery & Museum Exhibitions (selected)

2023 David Behning Galerie, Duesseldorf, / Art Karrlsruhe

Neue Perspektiven, Troner Galerie, Duesseldorf, DE
Schauplatz Weltkunstzimmer, HPZ Foundation, Duesseldorf, DE
David Behning Galerie, Duesseldorf, / Art Karrlsruhe & Highlights Munich
Zero-G, Sparntnic / ES365 Kunstraum, Duesseldorf; DE

2021 Die Grosse Kunst Austellung NRW, Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf

Schaulage Weltkunstzimmer, HPZ Foundation, Duesseldorf, DE
Behning & Niehues Galerie, Sylt, DE
Troner Art, Duesseldorf
; DE

2018 AVANT - Pioneers of NYC Street Art (1980-1984) Frost Gallery, NYC

In/Out - The Universe, Weltkunstzimmer, HPZ Foundation, Duesseldorf
Die Grosse Kunst Austellung NRW, Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf


Das Runde muss ins Eckige, Collection Marli Hoppe-Ritter
Museum Ritter,Waldebnbuch, Germany


Rossini Art Site, Pietro Rossini Foundation, Briosco, Italy
Die Grosse NRW, Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf, Germany

Visions Of Sensory Space, Galerie Voss, Duesseldorf, Germany


Mission 014, Ostrale Centre for Contemporary Art, Dresden, Germany
Die Grosse NRW, Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf; Germany


Licht.Kunst.Kinetik. Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany
Grosse Kunst Austellung NRW, Museum Kunst Palast, Duesseldorf, Germany

2011 Google Science, Google HQ, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Wasser, Kunsthalle Messmer, Germany
2010 Agenda, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Schaulager, Peter Zimmer Foundation, Duesseldorf, Germany
2009 Fall Forward, Gallery Sara Tecchia, New York, USA
Uber's Sofa II, Tröner Art, Duesseldorf, Germany
Gallery KAFL, Dubai
2008 Bildertausch 3 - Collection Marli Hoppe-Ritter, Museum Ritter, Germany

Genesis - The Art of Creation - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland
Sculpture in Motion - Atlanta Botanical Garden, USA
Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, Germany
Kunstverein Ludwigshafen, Germany


Bewegung im Quadrat, Commission for Permanent Collection, Museum Ritter, Germany
A Summer Show, Sara Tecchia Roma New York, NY, USA
Galerie Kasten, Mannheim, Germany
Plastic Fantastic, The Shore Institute of the Contemporary Arts, NJ, USA
Joint Venture, Richard Nelson & Pence Gallery, University of CA at Davis, USA


Himmelsbilder, Dommuseum Salzburg, Austria


Skywatch, K26, Frankfurt, Germany
Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf, Germany


Kunst in Bewegung, traveling exhibition: Kunst Museum Ahlen, Germany


Kunst in Bewegung, Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Germany
Kunst in Bewegung, Kunst Museum Heidenheim, Germany
Kunst in Bewegung, Kunst Museum im Kulterspeicher Würzburg, Germany
Gleicher Ort Neue Zeit, Düsseldorf, Germany


Illusions in Space, Sculpturesite Gallery, Berkeley, USA.

2000 Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen, Germany, Permanent collection & display
1998 New York Artists, Martin Kudlek Fine Art, Cologne, Germany
1997 Martin Kudlek Fine Art, Aachen, Germany
1993 Amerika Haus, Cologne, Germany
1992 Das Bild im Bild, Articom, Frankfurt, Germany
Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf.Visionäre Schweiz, Germany
ID Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany
1991 ID Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany
1987 The B.A.D.Gallery, NYC, USA
1985 The B.A.D.Gallery, NYC, USA
1984 Gallery 51X, NYC, USA

AVANT, Gabrielle Bryers Gallery, NYC, USA
LowerEastSide Street Art, GuGu Ernesto Gallery, Cologne, Germany
LowerEastSide Street Art, Galleria Lo Zebbetto, Milano, Italy
The Slow Art Show, Underground, NYC, USA
AVANT - Guerilla Art, Gallery 51X, NYC, USA
AVANT and Friends, N.Y.U. Contemporary Art Gallery, NYC, USA
Terminal New York, Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC, USA


51Xressionism, Gallery 51X, NYC, USA
Stolen Show, curated and exhibited, Alain Bilhaud Gallery, NYC, USA
The Monument Redefined, Gowanus Memorial Art Yard, NYC, USA


AVANT, Alain Bilhaud Gallery, NYC, USA
The Monumental Show, Gowanus Memorial Art Yard, NYC, USA

Art Fairs


Art Stage Singapore, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2010 Melbourne Art Fair, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2009 Scope New York: Sara Tecchia Roma New York, NYC, USA
Aqua Wynwood Miami: Sara Tecchia Roma New York, NYC, USA
2008 Art Cologne: Gallery Sara Tecchia Roma New York
Scope New York: Gallery Sara Tecchia Roma New York

Art.Fair Cologne: Galerie Friedrich Kasten, Mannheim, Germany
Köln-Liste: Sara Tecchia Roma New York
Köln-Liste: Galerie Noack/Hybrid, MG, Germany


Art Rotterdam: Galerie Adler & Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Scope New York: Galerie Adler & Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany

2004 Art Frankfurt: Galerie Adler & Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Berliner-Liste: Galerie Adler & Galerie Poller, Frankfurt,Germany
Fiac Paris: Galerie Adler & Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany

KunstKoln: Galerie Adler, Frankfurt, Germany
Scope London: Galerie Adler, Frankfurt, Germany
Art-Fair Cologne: Galerie Adler, Frankfurt, Germany
KunstKoln: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Frankfurt: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Photo-London: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Photo New York - Metropolitan Pavilion: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
PalmBeach3: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany
Art Expo Düsseldorf: Galerie Poller, Frankfurt, Germany


Art Frankfurt: Galerie Christian Hohmann Hamburg, Germany


Kunst-Köln: Galerie Martin Kudlek Cologne, Germany
Art Brüssels: Galerie Martin Kudlek Cologne, Germany
Art Frankfurt: Galerie Martin Kudlek Cologne
Art Frankfurt: Galerie Christian Hohmann, Hamburg, Germany

2000 KunstKöln: Galerie Martin Kudlek Cologne, Germany
1999 Art Forum Berlin: Gallery De Chiara/Stewart New York, NY
1996 Art Multiple Düsseldorf: Alexander Fils Galerie, Duesseldorf, Germany
1992 Art Basel: Galerie Hans Mayer, Düsseldorf, Germany

Reviews / Press (selected)

1980-1984: aka “AVANT”: See Wikipedia and AVANT websites for more information:
Arts Speak, Art World, Arts Magazine, Cosmopolitan (Japan ed.), East Village Eye, L‘Express, Flash Art, Modo, La Republican (Italy), The Villager, New York Magazine,
New York Times, The Village Voice.
• TV Berlin, news hour culture section. broadcast coverage of “Art Berlin”, 2001.
• WDR Kulturszene, TV culture broadcast coverage of “Kunst Köln”, 2001.
• Sandra Balvín, Sur (newspaper) 29.10.2005, “Un mundo por descubrir”, pp. 12.
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• Christopher Hart Chambers, NYarts magazine (International ed.) Spring 2004, “Spring Picks”
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• “In to the Nature” ISBN-13: 978-3-89955-099-3 (Softcover 2007: pp.192-195) Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.
• Manheimer Morgen, (newspaper) 05.12.2007. „Vom Wesen des Zufalls“ review of exhibition at Projektraum4 / Galerie Kasten. pp.27.
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• Eva Mayer, Meier Magazine – Heidelberg/Manheim, 11.2007 (interview) „Kontrol und Chaos“ pp.86.
• Christopher Hart Chambers, dART magazine, Vol 9 - No.2, 2006. “Confined Chaos – Life according to David Fried“. pp. 25-27.
• Trent Morse, Saatchi Online , 10.18.2007 “David Fried at Sara Tecchia Gallery, New York”. http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/blogon/2007/10/trent_morse_on_david_fried_at_1.php
• Kirsten & Lukas Feireiss (2008) “Architecture of Change - Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment” (ISBN:978-3-89955-211-9).Rainscapes on inside front and back covers (Hardcover pp.00,01,311,312) Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin.
• Vernissage-TV, September 2007. review of solo exhibition: “Far from Equilibrium” at Sara Tecchia Gallery New York. http://vernissage.tv/blog/2007/10/02/david-fried-far-from-equilibrium-sara-tecchia-roma-new-york-new-york/
• Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. “Genesis- the Art of Creation” (Softcover 2007: pp. 50, 51, 54, 55.)
• "Scuplture in Motion", PBA / Public Broadcasting Atlanta, Program & Interview aired July 2008.
• Museum Ritter "Hommage an das Quadrat" Collection Ritter (Hardcover 2009: pp.111,112.)
• ArtReview: http://www.artreview.com/video/videos-from-scope-david-fried
• Westside Philosophers, Inc, "Fatal Numbers: Why count on Chance" by Hans Magnus Enzensberger (Softcover 2010: Front & Back Cover & insert.) Translated from original German "Fortuna und Kalkül" edition Unseld.
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• Rheinische Post,
Duesseldorfer Kultur Magazin C3, 14.Mai 2015. "Reise in die Unendlichkeit" von Noatascha Plakermann.
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•Monograph "David Fried - Far From Equilibrium"
Essays by Dr.Sabine Maria Schmidt, Dr. Tim Otto Roth, Carl Friedrich Schröer, 216 page/Softcover, 2018 KERBER Verlag, Deutsch/English / ISBN 978-3-7356-0452-1

Commissions (selected)

Permanent Public Outdoor Sculpture, NYC (34 st. & 1 ave.)
Pietro Rossini Foundation, Briosco
, Italy
Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany

Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation, Duesseldorf, Germany
Persona-Service HQ, Ludenscheid, Germany
Westside Philosophers Inc, NYC, USA
Vodafone HQ, Duesseldorf, Germany
Baker & Mckenzie, Duesseldorf, Germany

Public and Private Collections (selected)

Kunst Museum Gelsenkirchen, Germany
VolksBank HQ, Mönchengladbach, Germany
Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, Germany
Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation, Germany
Persona-Service, HQ, Ludenscheid, Germany
Jones day, Germany
Morgen Stanley, Germany
Andreas Gefeller, Germany
Lutz Dresen, Germany
Biff Ruttenberg Foundation, USA
Sara Tecchia, USA
Mimi Unanue, USA
Jose Guggenheim, USA
Stephen Colbert, USA
Gabrielle Bryers, USA
Michele Chevallier & Steven Pesner, USA
Elliott Aintabi, USA
Isabella Del Frate Rayburn, Italy
Fondazione Pietro Rossini, Italy
Antony Gormley, UK


Born and raised in New York City, the artist David Fried found his calling early on. He was accepted as the first minor ever into the adult classes at the Art Students League where he had his first chance to expand his artistic horizons. Between the age of 8 and 13, beyond mastering traditional and established contemporary styles, he painted in oil with a visionary style of his own that earned him numerous awards and public solo exhibitions as a youngster. Soon after his early departure from the academic world, he co-founded the artist‘s consortium known as ‘Avant’, which along with Haring and Basquiat, were major contributors to the emerging New York street-art scene. His notorious illegal public paintings led to inclusions in dozens of gallery exhibitions in soho and the east village throughout the early to mid 80‘s.

Fried‘s fascination with specifically human relationships present in his early figurative paintings led to deeper insights into complex relationships in general, which soon crystallized as the conceptual core for all his forthcoming artistic endeavors. His hands-on research led to a panache of traditional, state of the art and invented techniques. He simultaneously pursued his art and studied philosophy, primitive mythology, life sciences and aspects of technology and mass media in our cultures.

In 1989, shortly before the Berlin wall came down, Fried moved his studio to Germany where he sought Europe‘s entwined cultural distinctions and social dialogue to inspire and explore his increasingly scientific and philosophic brand of art. There his work developed from painting and photography into his own morphology of techniques and processes such as ‘light sensitive paint’, ‘interactive granite’ and sculpture, to depict and fabricate his conceptual explorations. Since then his artwork has followed several distinct avenues that are disparate in actualization yet united in sensibility.

His international art career began in earnest several years after relocating to Europe with his first major solo exhibition in Cologne, Germany. Soon after he was invited to use Immendorff‘s event space for an exhibition and performance for the ‘Night of the Museums’ in Düsseldorf. Fried has mounted several solo exhibitions in galleries, institutions and museums across Europe and has exhibited on 4 continents. His work can be found in the permanent collections of Volksbank HQ, Mönchengladbach, Germany, Kunst Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch, and in Gemany‘s most extensive kinetic art collection at the Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen. Additionally, he has been shown alongside that of Rebecca Horn, Rauschenberg and Calder in the traveling exhibition ‘Drehen, Kreisen, Rotieren’, and he was also featured in ‘Genesis—The Art of Creation’, alongside Antony Gormley, Bruce Nauman, LeWitt and others at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Bern, Switzerland. In September 2007 he returned to NYC with a solo debut at Gallery Sara Tecchia in Chelsea New York.

David Fried currently lives in Germany and works in Düsseldorf and in New York City.

2013, Duesseldorf

1962 Born in New York City, USA
1972 Painting Studies Art Students League, NYC
1974 First major solo exhibition Rockefeller Plaza, NYC
1976 Art studies at HS Music & Art, NYC
1980 Studio in NYC. Cofounder street art pioneers AVANT
1980 to 1984, 40 painting exhibitions in SoHo and East Village, NYC
1984 Painting and Photography fusions
1986 Consultant and manager for Duggal photo lab, NYC
1989 Moved studio to Dusseldorf, Germany
1990 "Light Paintings" using self made light-sensitive pigments
1995 Research for Interactive "Self Organizing Still-Life" (SOS) sculpture begins
1998 First "SOS" scultpure work premieres at art fair Art Berlin
1999 "In bed with Lucy and Dolly" works begin - large format color photograms
2003 "Rainscape" large-format color photography series begins
2004 "Stemmer" sculptures begins
2007 "Way of Words" motiongram photography begins
2009 "Globalexandria" stainless steel sculptures begins
2012 Interactive, generative, touch-screen SOS sculptures begin

2015 "Systemmer" sculptures begin

"Translibrium" sculptures begin
2016 "Topos" wall reliefs begin
2020 "Emergent Polarism" paintings begin


DAVID FRIED - Works | 00-16

The multidisciplinary artist David Fried (1962, NYC) explores the qualities of invisible complex dynamic relationships in the form of minimalistic images and objects. The inherent flexible characteristics of interdependent networked systems operating far-from-equilibrium found in nature and social endeavor, are echoed throughout his sculptural, photographic and interactive works. The artist employs highly symbolic motifs that are universally recognizable as organic or pertaining to natural phenomena with chaotic tendencies, contextually infused with hints of human influence and our urge to control, manipulate and predict outcomes.

In a human world that is increasingly aware of and witness to the influence of self-organizing systems, Fried explores the space between the lingering anachronism of the linear, clockwork world view and the vandgarde of progressive systems thinking on diverse themes such as communication, sociology, ecology and biology. His essential inspirations value unpredictability, emergent complexity and influence over the illusion of true control.

Adding to the lucid sense of harmony and sensual aesthetic found in his compositions, Fried draws eclectic references from mythological and scientific realms, which are universally present in individual psyches. Much like the ancient’s archetypical signs, he condenses complex contemporary issues into enigmatic symbols that mark pivotal changes in our societies and consensus, whereby fact and fiction become one.

His recent works, consisting of modernized fertility icons, photographs of celestial forces, photograms of cellular membranes, networks and interactive stone sculptures, are fabricated using traditional techniques combined with high-tech processes in a variety of mediums. He synchronizes diverse artistic and scientific disciplines to create contemporary icons that reflect our growing knowledge base in the techno-information era, while emphasizing the affects technology itself has on our personal choices and belief systems.

Fried‘s personal catalytic mix of critique and philosophy, his respect for the unpredictable and non-linear networks, dialogue, art and the sublime, form the core of his various unique projects. Processing these factors into an artistic unity, the artist fuses minimalism and conceptual art with aesthetics and philosophy to create works that aim to transcend diverse cultural boundaries. In his comprehensive work, Fried suggests that the mythological and the scientific involve inextricable systems of belief that must remain in constant dialogue, as art follows life and life follows art.

DAVID FRIED - Arbeiten | 00-16

Der interdisziplinär arbeitende Künstler David Fried (1962, NYC) erforscht in seinen minimalistischen Bildern und Objekten die Eigenschaften unsichtbarer, komplexer, dynamischer Beziehungen. Die innere Flexibilität wechselseitig vernetzter und alles andere als ausgewogen operierender Systeme, wie sie in Natur und sozialen Beziehungen vorkommen, durchzieht sein gesamtes skulpturales, fotografisches und interaktives Werk. Der Künstler verwendet symbolstarke Motive, die universell als organisch und als bezogen auf Naturphänomene mit chaotischen Tendenzen lesbar sind, kontextuell ergänzt durch Anspielungen auf menschliche Einflussnahme und unseren Drang, Resultate zu kontrollieren, zu manipulieren und vorherzusagen.

In einer menschlichen Welt, die sich des Einflusses selbstorganisierender Systeme heute zunehmend bewusst wird, erforscht Fried den Raum zwischen noch immer verbreiteten Anachronismen einer Newton’schen Weltsicht und der Avantgarde eines fortschrittlichen Systemdenkens, wobei er so unterschiedliche Themenfelder wie Kommunikation, Soziologie, Ökologie und Biologie einbezieht. Seine grundlegenden Ideen würdigen Unvorhersehbarkeit und Zunahme von Komplexität und Einfluss gegenüber der Illusion von echter Kontrolle.

Neben dem klaren Gefühl für Harmonie und sinnliche Ästhetik, das seine Kompositionen kennzeichnet, stellt Fried vielfältige Bezüge zu mythologischen und wissenschaftlichen Themengebieten her, die in der individuellen Psyche universell präsent sind. Ähnlich wie bei Archetypen des Altertums verdichtet er komplexe, heute wichtige Themen zu enigmatischen Symbolen, die entscheidende Veränderungen unserer Gesellschaften und Übereinkünfte markieren, wodurch Fakt und Fiktion eins werden.

Seine neueren Arbeiten, die von modernisierten Fertilitätssymbolen über Fotos von himmlischen Mächten, Fotogrammen von Zellmembranen, Vernetzungen bis zu interaktiven Steinskulpturen reichen, umfassen eine Vielzahl von Medien und verbinden traditionelle Techniken mit Hightech-Verfahren. Er führt verschiedene künstlerische und wissenschaftliche Disziplinen zusammen, um zeitgemäße Symbole zu erschaffen, die unsere ständig anwachsende Wissensbasis im Zeitalter der Informationstechnologie reflektieren und auch den Einfluss hervorheben, den diese Technologie selbst auf unsere persönlichen Entscheidungen und Vorstellungswelten hat.

Frieds eigener, katalytischer Mix aus Kritik und Philosophie, seine Wertschätzung des Unvorhersehbaren, von nichtlinearen Verknüpfungen, Dialog, Kunst und dem Erhabenen bildet den Kern seiner vielen einzigartigen Projekte. In der künstlerischen Zusammenführung dieser Faktoren verschmilzt er Minimalismus und Konzeptkunst mit Ästhetik und Philosophie und erschafft Arbeiten, die darauf angelegt sind, verschiedene kulturelle Grenzen zu überschreiten. Frieds umfangreiches Werk macht deutlich, dass Mythologie und Wissenschaft unauflöslich mit Glaubenssystemen verwoben sind und ständig im Dialog bleiben müssen – so wie die Kunst dem Leben folgt und das Leben der Kunst.

Press (selection)

die grosse 2015 kunstausstellung Kunspalast rheinische Post presse news
Die Grosse kunstausstellung 2015, Museum Kunstpalast Duesseldorf, Rheinische Post.

Solo / Far from Equilibrium, Gallery Sara Tecchia New York,

VerissageTV_review_david_fried_NYC PLAY video review ( External Link )

David Fried, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Fatal Numbers, 2011, West Side Philosophers publishing
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Fatal Numbers, 2011. publisher's link

THE SAATCHI GALLERY / Trent Morse: 2007 Review "far from Equilibrium" exhibition NYC:


PBA / Public Broadcasting Atlanta - Aired: July 6th 2008 / Exhibition: Sculpture in Motion

Public Broadcasting Atlanta - kinetic art "sculpture in motion"  exhibition PLAY TV review ( External Link )

Kunst Museum Gelsenkirchen/ permanent collection, permanent display (external link)

Kinetik sammlung - Kinetic Art - Kunst Museum Gelsenkirchen

Museum Ritter, Interview 2006 (Deutsch) SOS commissioned for permanent collection

PLAY video

Exhibition "Genesis, The Art of Creation" / "Genesis - Die Kunst der Schöpfung" :

Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern Switzerland: January 26 - April 27, 2008

more info

Meier Stadtmagazin: Interview 2007 / Eva Mayer

Meier stadtmagazin Meier stadtmagazin

Ritter Museum : Hommage an das Quadrat / collection Marli Hoppe-Ritter

VernissageTV : Art Fair /Liste-Köln, April 2007

Liste-Köln PLAY video review ( External Link )

Mannheimer Morgen : Review of exhibition at Kunstverein Ludwigshafen. Fall 2007

mannheimer morgen kultur

Mannheimer Morgen : Review of exhibition at Projektraum4 / Galerie Kasten. Fall 2007

Press and Text : "Kunst in Bewegung", travelling museum exhibition 2002-03 MORE

kunst in bewegung
Images from Invitation card: Robert Rauschenberg, David Fried, Günther Uecker, Steven Pippen.

TV clips: ArtForum Berlin -TV Berlin / KunstKoln - WDR Kulturszene

Art Forum Berlin    

dART magazine, Fall 2006

dART International Magazinechambers article

confined chaosinterview

Frankfurter Rundschau & Rheinischer Post


Monograph 2018 | KERBER Verlag (Jan. 2018)
216 pages / Essays by Dr.Sabine Maria Schmidt, Dr. Tim Otto Roth, Carl Friedrich Schröer / English/Deutsch - Order Kerber online: LINK

david fried kerber verlag monograph book/Buch 2018pre final version preview PDF

Order at KERBER: https://www.kerberverlag.com/de/david-fried.html

movie-DVD (10 mins.) 2010

Earliest works and exhibitions: 1970-1975 LINK

NYC Street Art & exhibitions: 1980 -1984 (aka AVANT)
Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AVANT & http://avant-streetart.com

Photo-paintings: 1990's LINK

Wikipedia Bio LINK

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Monograph David Fried "Far from Equilibrium"
KERBER Verlag 2018

216 pages / Essays by Dr.Sabine Maria Schmidt, Dr. Tim Otto Roth, Carl Friedrich Schröer. Editor/Herausgeber: Galerie Voss Düsseldorf. English/Deutsch - Order Kerber online: LINK

david fried kerber verlag monograph book/Buch 2018

NYC_public_art_sculpture_New_York_City Permanent public art sculpture NYC, 34 St. & 1 Ave. 2019

exhibition/kunstausstellung Weltkunstzimmer - HPZ stiftungWeltkunstzimmer, HPZ Foundation/Stiftung Duesseldorf

Pioneers of NYC Street Art 1980-1984AVANT: Legends of NYC street art 1980s | Sept. 2018

david-fried_sculptureDie Grosse NRW, Museum Kunstpalast, Duesseldorf